Septic System Installation

Whether you are building a new home, it involves a septic system design and installation process. Every septic system doesn’t have the same size, and so design differs. Every property may require different types, sizes, layouts, etc.

Four-Step Process

Step 1: TCEQ licensed site evaluator performs site evaluation. The site evaluator goes through many factors like soil, depth, and available area to understand which system is suitable for the property. For conventional system, soil profile holes are excavated to check if they are suitable for that system type or not.

Step 2: After it meets the requirements, the designer or professional engineer makes an outline plan for the system type, size and layout that meet the regulations of TCEQ and your local authority.

Step 3: They submit the application to the regulatory authority after the process gets completed. All that the septic system needs is a license and permission, except the system installed under the provision of the “10-acre” rule. However, some countries have much strict rules for septic system installations.

Step 4: A TCEQ licensed installer installs the septic system. There are two types of installer licenses, Installer 1 – which is limited to simpler system such as a standard system. Installer 2, which can install all types of system for example; aerobic system.

Hire the Right Septic System Installers

While installing a septic system, there may be many people involved with the design and installation of your system. And so, it is better for the homeowner to choose a company that provides the site evaluation, design and installation. Hiring one company who handles multiple projects can make things easier for you. Because, problems with your system will take a longer process and if anything goes wrong the blame will go to another party.

For example; the site evaluator checked and confirmed the suitability of the site for a standard septic system. The designer designs the system and after that, homemaker takes the design to the installer who has been hired to install a septic system.

If any problems occurred after the installation, then what will happen? The installer will blame the site evaluator that they dint checked the soil properly. The designer will say that the system was not installed by the quality workman. This may cause chaos and add extra costs to the home owner for making the wrong decision.

One of the Best Septic System Installers in Massachusetts

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