installing a septic system

Are you planning to construct a new home or commercial building? Without connection to a town sewer, installing a septic system will be a necessity. Before you start building you need to have proper plans and blueprints, these will include plans for the septic system. Even replacing an old septic system will require plans, permits and decisions. Proper planning for a septic system installation is crucial. There are many factors that need to be considered when installing a septic system. This article will help you with the necessary information for you to get started.

Permits from Legal Authorities: Before you start installing a septic system, you should find out if a permit is required from the town and whether that is obtained by the owner or the contractor installing the system. Depending on the local regulations, a perc test may be required to determine the type and size of the drainage/leach field for the system you are going to install. The test will be conducted by an independent testing lab and the report filed with the town authorities.

Layout to consider: Irrespective of whether or not you are installing a new septic system or replacing an old system, you need to figure out the appropriate area to place the septic tank, pipes and drainage/leach field. The location of which will depend upon the slope of the land, the type, depth and lie of the bedrock, the composition of the soil itself and proximity of vegetation.

Selecting a Tank: Selecting the right type of system and tank for your construction is also very important. Building permits and town regulations will dictate the size of the tank and system depending on the number of rooms, number of bathrooms and number of people living/using the building.

Hire an experienced and professional contractor: Licensed, experienced and professional contractors are qualified to install septic system. They have the required training, experience and the necessary equipment to install new and replacement septic system. Contractors that install septic system are familiar with the building regulations, permits and manufacturers of septic system. They are familiar with all the little details that will make sure the construction happens smoothly and successfully.

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