New Home Building

It is very exciting news that you are going to build a new home. The plans are drawn up and you ready to hire a building contractor! There are many facets to the work involved in building a new home. Hiring a new home general building contractor who will not only do the excavation, foundation and building work but also coordinate with the plumbing and electrical subcontractors will make your life very much easier. Making sure your home is built to your specifications is very important to you. Hiring a professional, experienced home building contractor who knows the ins and outs of all aspects of building a new home is vitally important.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when hiring a home building contractor:

1. Experience:

The best home building contractors consistently provide quality workmanship and have years of experience. They maintain long lasting relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers. They are financially stable and have experienced, dedicated and consistent employees. They maintain a relationship with the home owner beyond the move in date. Note that a financially stable contractor will be around for many years after your new home is built and as such will be able to stand by their guarantee.

2. Communication:

Meet with potential builders and ask some pertinent questions. Ask about the builders accessibility – via cell phone during the day/evening etc. and for scheduling a ground breaking date. Ask about the builders work ethic, employees, willingness to communicate with the owner with updates etc. They should not only be happy to talk about previous work done but also be ready and happy to give references. A builder that is passionate about their job and dedicated to detail will be enthusiastic to share details! Request an on site visit to a current new build or recently completed home. A builder proud of their work, and quality of workmanship will be happy to give detailed explanations of even small details, using layman terms.

3. Bids and Contracts:

When requesting a bid from a building contractor, request a copy of their license and certificate of insurance liability, review these documents paying particular detail to make sure the builders employees are covered to work on your property!Read very carefully each bid that you receive and if not provided, request and read through thoroughly the associated contract. Be prepared to discuss with the builders the materials they prefer to work with and compare those to the materials specified by your architect on the drawings. The builder should respond that they use the materials as specified on the drawings! It is worth noting at this point that many builders take short cuts and use alternative materials to those specified, either cheaper and or more readily available! Make sure that you understand the details of the contract that you sign and that the new home comes with a viable, new build, contractors guarantee. A complete and clear contract will protect both you and the builder from misunderstandings and complications. Make sure you will receive copies of all the building inspection reports as they are completed.

When it comes to building your dream home you don’t want to take any chances about things going wrong! Looking for the right new home builder? J Mahota Construction is a general contractor of some note. We provide new home construction services in Oxford MA and the surrounding towns. We have years of experience and as dedicated professionals we make sure that the finished home exceeds the owners expectations.