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We, at J Mahota Construction, offer a wide range of services under under one roof for
Commercial, Municipal, Industrial, and Residential Projects

Site Excavation

Site excavation is necessary when building the foundations, sewers, water lines, concrete works, water bodies, basements, plumbing, and for the projects that requires below ground installations. At J Mahota Constructions, we make it to the perfection the first time.

Cut and Fills

We use the Cut and Fill procedure that identifies the areas where material has to be removed (cut) and where we need to fill the material during excavation. This reduces the time and increase the accuracy in work.

Site Excavation

Site Utilities


We help our clients with storm water management, retention ponds, installation of structures, pipes, and underground recharge systems.


Our certified professionals help you with the connections to main lines, camera and video inspections, Extensions and repairs, install new lines.


If you are looking for the connections to the main lines, install new line, line extensions and repairs or emergency repairs to breaks, J Mahota is the name you can trust.


Electric work Underground duct banks, transformer pad, oil containment pads


Septic Systems for Schools and Municipalities

Septic systems installation and maintenance is the most crucial part as it needs to be done right at the first time. We are a certified Presby installer and believe in adding the efficiency in the installations. We make sure that we execute our work and minimize the interruptions of your school and business functions. At J Mahota Constructions, we work to meet the demands of design engineers, quality materials and accurate grades.

Septic Tank

Foundation, slab and sidewalk Preparation

Need to build a foundation, slab excavation, or sidewalk, grade preparation? We have you covered! Our accurate grades mean less money spent on concrete and material overages. We keep the sites clean and organized so that allow subcontractors get their jobs done faster, easier and safer. Proper compaction and suitable subbase materials ensure the integrity of your foundation or slab. These parameters help us to deliver the quality work in time.


5. Parking Lots

We specialize in parking lot construction. We have delivered top-quality concrete parking lots for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential industries across Massachusetts. We have helped our clients in drainage installation and maintenance, site lighting, grading and compaction. No matter what type of parking lot you need, we will deliver a solution that’s top-notched and long-lasting.

Parking Lot

Retaining Walls

Big Block Walls

Big block retaining walls are designed for easy installation and aesthetic appeal.

Small Block Walls

We can help you in constructing a strong and concrete retaining walls using small blocks.

Retaining walls


We have helped different industries like municipal, commercial, industrial and residential construct new buildings that include police stations, fire stations, commercial buildings - business buildings and retail buildings, and industrial buildings. Client trust our work as we deliver the project in time ensuring top-notched quality, and utmost safety.


What Makes J Mahota a Trusted Name Across Industries?


  • Osha 10 training and certified employees
  • Employee PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Employee awareness on jobsites
  • Trench safety shoring, trench boxes during excavation, road plates and fencing to protect open trenches at the end of the day

Integrity Quality of Work

  • Neat, clean and organized jobsites
  • Ensuring efficiency and safety
  • Proper materials and quantity no cutting corners
  • Proper compaction for foundation bases, parking lots, trench backfill
  • Accurate grading, setting structures and pipes to proposed elevations


  • Swift communication between site owners, General Contractors, Design Engineers, subcontractors and fellow employees
  • We understand that construction sites are often tight. All contractors need to be on the same page and aware of what everyone is doing next to make sure they can all work together and get there job done
  • We believe that changes to plans and schedules are very common. However, communicating changes is very important


  • Starting and showing up to jobs when we are supposed to be there
  • Completing work on time or before deadlines to keep schedules on target