New Home Construction

People get excited when it comes to building their dream home. You prepare all the things required for your new home construction and decoration well in advance. Parents discuss with their kids about their likes and dislikes to decorate their home beautifully. Finally, you list down every detail to complete your home. But what happens if you overlook your construction site? It could potentially lead to a disaster. It is your core responsibility to seek that your contractor is going in the right direction and constructing your home the way you want.

New home construction needs a lot of care and protection on a frequent basis. So, we’ve listed some important steps to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes while constructing yours.

1. Regularly Visit Your Construction Site

There are so many difficulties that people face at the time of construction. Even a small miscommunication with your contractor can lead your new home in the wrong direction. To avoid pitfalls, you should visit your construction site often to keep an eye on the construction process. Regular visits during your new home construction can help you complete the new home process in a timely manner.

Walk Through Your Construction Site At Least Three Times Regular visits are recommended, but if that’s not possible from your end, then at least 3 walk-arounds a must to avoid any problems in future. The first visit should be after the home has been stalked out and surveyed. After the mechanical installation, you should take care of the issues like ventilation or the electrical wiring. The final visit should be close to completion for final approval.

To correct any problems, it’s necessary to visit the construction site as often as possible so that you can bring any issues to the contractor’s attention. Builders are only human so mistakes can happen. Even if you have a small doubt over whether you found a real problem or just incomplete construction, communicate it with your contractors and they’ll advise you on how to proceed.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Punch List

You must make a final walk through with your builder before closing on your property. At this point, they give you a chance to point out any issues or imperfections they need to fix. Make sure you keep a detailed list about your property and address lingering issues before closing on your new home.

3. Know your Warranty

In case you missed any corrections, we advise claiming your warranty to correct any underlying issues with your home which may be caused by bad planning, construction errors, or poor workmanship. You should also consider getting a professional inspection of your property before your warranty ends.

4. Be Flexible With Your Time-Frame

You may be in a hurry to move into your home, but you can’t always control whether your new home construction will finish on time. Difficulties may arise. Some freak hail storm or heavy rain during the summer can result in a delay of your project’s completion. There’s no doubt that if you want your contractor to complete the project more quickly, then your new home construction will cost more. However, we advise being flexible with your time-frame to avoid long-term errors and additional construction fees.

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