How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

Hey, are you excited about moving to your new home after the project completion? Well, it’s a very exciting experience for most homeowners. However, do you know how much time your new home construction will take to complete? Certainly, this is the biggest question for all homeowners who don’t have a trustworthy new home builder to analyze the situation. These experts are able to provide you with the best estimate of this time.

According to the Survey of Construction from the US Census Bureau:

For Home Construction

Average Completion Time

Single Family Residence

10 Months

Houses Built For Sale

6 Months

Houses Built By The Owners

1 Year

Home Built For Rent

9 Months

Home Built By Hired Contractors

8 Months

Aside from finding the best new home construction companies in your area, you should also know about the various factors that impact the construction process. That way, you can communicate those problems with your new home builder.

The following are a few major factors that can slow down your new home construction process:

The Pre-Construction Phrase

The pre-construction phase involves “lot” preparation. Thus, preparing your home’s lot remains a high priority before a new home builder starts your project. Now, the question becomes, what exactly is a lot? Well, it’s the area of land that your new home will occupy. This phase involves clearing trees, rocks and other debris from the lot, rough grading and leveling for the foundation, and finally, blueprints for where you want to build your new home. However, there can be a few unexpected issues that can delay your pre-construction.

Approval for Building a Home

Pending approvals can cause a delay in your new home construction process. The rules and regulations on new home construction totally vary based on the location. Building permits and inspection processes can also vary. This can either shorten or lengthen the time of your home completion.

The Weather and Environment

Generally, clear weather is ideal for building a home, but you obviously can’t hope for that on all days. The weather is beyond the builder’s control, so weather fluctuations can impact your new home construction’s timeline. Also, the building time can be affected by the region of the country. For example, in the middle Atlantic region of the US, a new home construction takes an average 9.5 months, while on the western mountain region,

new home builders can cover their work in around 6 months.

Availability of Workers During Peak Seasons

It’s hard to find new home builders during peak seasons. For example, the summer season is considered the busiest time for new home construction due to favorable weather conditions. During warmer seasons, you’ll see long waiting lists of homeowners for the labor pool like; electricians, plumbers, and excavators.

Modifications from the Homeowner

Most of the time, homeowners inspect and order changes to new home builders to specify their guidelines. The build time extends if change orders take place frequently. Also, if a homeowner makes changes during the end of the completion window of the construction process, this can cause delays. Thus, a homeowner should communicate well with the contractors before and during the new home construction process to reduce building time and construction costs.

Home Plan and Construction Style

A proper home plan depends on your desired home. Some build a big bungalow, while other just want to construct a small house. The best thing to avoid delays in the home construction process is to sit down with the construction managers and discuss your pre-planning and estimate. That way, you can hit the target deadline according to expectations.

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