septic system services

A septic system processes all the waste fluids from a building. As septic system treat and dispose of household wastewater onsite, they are often considered the “greener” option. Taking responsibility for ones own wastewater treatment rather than relying on a municipality is currently regarded as the ethical thing to do! What is a septic system anyway? The term “septic” refers to an aerobic bacterial environment, which develops in the tank to decompose all the waste discharged into the tank. A septic tank is designed to work most efficiently when full – it then allows clean water to be discharged via a leach field back into the water cycle.

A septic system, contrary to popular belief and if properly maintained, does have a lot of benefits; for example: it can protect public health, maintain economic energy in a local community, and preserve valuable water resources. When the plumbing is installed, all the wastewater pipes connect and exit the building via one pipe that goes directly to the septic tank. The tank of an average sized septic system is between 1000 to 2000 gallons and can be steel or concrete.

The fluid in a septic tank settles into three layers: the wet mud at the bottom of the tank, clear water in the middle, and the scum layer on the top. The exit pipe to the leach field is via the clear water section. Utilizing the knowledge that the solids settle out and collect in the sludge layer at the bottom; that everything that floats rises and stays at the top of the tank in the scum layer allows the clear water to collect in the middle. It is the clear water that exits the septic tank and is filtered as it travels through the leach field or drainage area before being incorporated back into the water cycle.

The leach field or drainage field, made up of small rocks, sand and soil, removes impurities from the liquid emerging from the septic tank. Between the septic tank and the leach field is the “distribution box. This “box” contains a filter that catches any sewerage sludge particles or scum products, there-by preventing the leach field from clogging. Pipes from the distribution box then distribute the water to the leach field.

Need a Long Lasting Septic System Installed?

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