new home construction MA

Are you thinking of building a new home? If “YES” then what next?

Embarking on a new home construction project will be the largest investment of your time, money, energy and effort you may ever undertake. Hours will be spent designing and constructing your dream home and creating a beautiful paradise. Building a new home is exiting, and creates curiosity among people who might like to understand more about how the new home construction process really works? What are some of the things that you should take into consideration, and what should you make sure has been done properly by the home construction contractors? A dream home new construction comes with a significant price tag, in the long run it will pay to do it correctly the first time!

It is advisable to be aware of exactly what happens at each of the key stages of construction. This guide will help new build home owners plan accordingly and well in advance of any required deadlines.

1. Pre -Plan and design for Your New Home:

Nothing will get built without proper plans and diagrams. It is advisable to find a good architect and discuss what you want your dream home to be like. Find out what the new home construction will cost? Talk about where you want your kitchen and bedroom to be etc!

The design of your home and architects drawings should be all but complete before engaging with a new home builder to put your perfect dream home in place.

2. Prepare A Site for Home Construction:

This is where new home construction experts come in to their own. You should hire a reputable and trusted excavation company to prep your purchased land.
The excavation company will get the site ready for the building work to begin. Once the foundation is poured, and the first of many building inspections is done, work will start on framing out the structure.

3. Electrical Lines, Sewer Line and Storm Water Management:

Soon after – the installations of the electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and A/C and the sewer lines will follow in quick succession. At the end of this phase, there will be more inspections to make sure everything is being done correctly.
It is vital to make sure this work is done properly by licensed experts. If not, your new dream home could turn into a nightmare!

“Recently, a young couple had to pay thousands of dollars when the sewer line broke in their new home, and flooded their basement. The homeowners’ insurance was not enough to cover all the damages.”

4. Painting and Floor Refinishing:

After the framing and services are installed – the house starts to look like a home and owners start to get more excited. Flooring and paint choices will reflect your lifestyle. Home owners always choose quality flooring, paint and carpentry hardware, in their dream home to make it look beautiful.
The choice of flooring and paint will have been made with the architects early on in the process, but now is the time to make sure that the colors, textures etc are what and will look the way you expect. If adjustments need to be made now is the time.
At this stage, there should be a smile and comments in the order of “finally it’s coming together and looking like a home!”

5. Driveway Construction & Finished Grading for Lawns:

After the heavy equipment is finished with attention starts on the driveway, walkways, patios and landscaping. These will soon start to take shape and if done after the main construction is complete, will not have to take any heavy duty wear and tear from the construction vehicles!
It is important to hire experts for this work – it is best done before the house is occupied. Grading the land so it is suitable for, a patio, the driveway, walkways, lawn and yard will be an investment well made.

It is recommended: That all conversations and written communication with contractors be clear and detailed to make sure there are no miss-understandings. Start off on the right foot and remain in close contact with your contractors, to make sure your dream home comes to fruition as you imagined it would. It is worth noting that it is very often easier to work with one contractor who can either do all the work or oversee it for you.

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