New Home Construction

Are you planning on building your home instead of buying? Did you know that land excavation is required before you lay the foundation? Excavation is an important process, not only to lay the foundation for your home but also to make it possible to begin the plumbing and electrical installation. At the time of excavation, there are certain risks that you should always be aware of. For example, when the ground is near water, it can become loose and damp, causing issues with prepping it for the foundation. How can you expect to build on land that is falling apart underneath you? In the early stages of new home construction, the moisture and flooding caused by the ground being near water can also be a serious problem. See below for more information on the top 5 excavation tips before any new home construction.

1. Remove the Groundwater:

Groundwater can create a serious problem at the time of excavation, as it can spoil your work area by causing major flooding. This will make it impossible for you to lay the foundation to build on and it is highly recommended to remove the groundwater before beginning your work. To remove groundwater, you must first dig a pump line near the excavation area, and then allow enough time to pass so that the water may drain away from the dig site.

2. Land Survey:

It is always important to properly survey the land before you start digging and working. You can’t just start breaking ground on the assumption that there is nothing important or difficult below. There is a proper process for excavation and the best excavation contractors know tp take the proper measurements and angles of the land before breaking ground; this prevents any serious damage and/or mistakes in the excavation process. You should always follow the right procedures before any new home construction excavation takes place.

3. Test the Soil:

Soil plays an important role in building your new home and sometimes the soil needs to be treated before starting the construction process. In order to find out if the soil needs treatment, you must test the soil before you dig the ground. For example, if you found that the soil is too thin, then you need to dig much deeper to reach the sturdier soil. Soil that is too thin and loamy can end up sinking your foundation after you build your home. It is better to get the soil professionally tested and properly examined by an excavation company.

4. When in Doubt, Hire Professionals:

It is highly recommended to hire the best excavation company in your area if you are not familiar with the process of excavation. Your new home needs a strong base to hold everything in place and last a lifetime, so it is always a good idea to bring in only the best excavating contractors who can handle your home excavation process. An excavation company has experts not only in excavation but in testing and surveying the land. Having the right people for the job will only lead to the best outcome for your overall excavation and your future home.

5. Take Precautions:

You should always take precautions while excavating for the foundation of your new home. For the protection of your body, eyes, and hands, you should always wear the proper protective jackets, goggles, and gloves. To protect your lungs from breathing in too much dust and dirt that is being dug up you should try to always wear a breathing mask as well. Also, it is vital for you to be aware of the major utility lines around your digging site; the excavation process requires heavy machinery and major construction that can cause some serious damage if misused. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and making sure that you and the team you’ve hired are safe should always be the #1 priority.

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