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The moment you decide to build your own home, a floodgate of questions will start. Some are obvious – how much will an all new house construction cost? Which builder shall we use? How shall we choose an architect? You can get answers to these questions from construction professionals or from someone that you know who also built their own home. The parameters of these questions are far-reaching and are best handled broken down into smaller sections.

Let us take a look at a possible framework to better estimating the cost of your new home construction.

1. Know Your Floor Plans and Builder:

Architects have standard floor plans that you can look through to give you some ideas for overall size, layout of rooms, style, open plan or traditional rooms with doors, internal and external features. A good architect will help you choose the floor plan that will work best with the site that you have in mind to build on, and your ideal quality of lifestyle.

Choosing a professional building contractor with experience and who can handle the scope of the project will ensure that everything goes smoothly. A good general contractor will schedule subcontractors accordingly and maintain the project time line making sure the new home is completely finished and on time. Sitting down with a contractor in the early planning stages will allow you to discuss how long the new build will take, a good idea of start and finish dates, as well as good estimates for costs: including information about the sorts of things and or delays that will add to the overall cost.

2. Know Your New Home Construction Cost Per Square Feet:

Building construction costs are rarely done as overall costs nor as per item costs (bathroom, plumbing, internal wall construction etc) but rather as a per square foot cost. This averages out all the costs and allows for quotes to be compared. Changing one design feature, for example, putting in a feature fireplace may change several cost categories, the per square foot price does not only involve the cost of the fireplace but also the installation, the changes to the wall construction where it will be placed and probably the floor around the fireplace as well. Using an overall cost per square foot takes all these hidden additional costs, into account.

3. Speak With Different Contractors:

When it is time to choose a contractor – if you wish to get an accurate quote for your new build, you should have the completed drawings to leave with the builder to look at. Meeting with more than one contractor will allow you to not only compare quotes but also choose a contractor that is a good fit for you and your budget.

4. Consider Other Expenses Before Building A New Home:

In the general excitement of building a new home, some expenses get overlooked: Make sure that when these expenses surface they do not get ignored nor overlooked, doing so may hold up the new build project. Some common overlooked initial expenses include extra time to prepare the site, clear trees, move dirt around, in or out and removing boulders and leveling land ready for a driveway

5. Avoid Cost Overruns:

Do not be afraid to discuss with the contractor, in detail the construction contract, especially proviso’s that will be in place to avoid cost overruns,
The more detailed the drawing are and the more specified products there are, the more accurate the estimated the cost will be.

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