New Home Building MA

Building a new home is one of life’s big achievements. You get the opportunity to design your home from the ground up to reflect your lifestyle and tastes.

However, like other things in life, there are a number of mistakes to avoid when building a new home. Let’s look at some common mistakes that new home buyers make. Avoiding these will help make the new build process smoother:

1 Choosing a poor location:

The first and foremost thing to consider when building a new home is to choose the right location. It is very tempting to select the property that is the cheapest – However, you must remember that there is a reason why it is inexpensive, and or still on the market.  It could be a remote location miles from stores, hospitals, schools etc. Don’t forget to research safety and security for the neighborhood. Make sure there is either access to town water and sewer or that the land will pass a perc test and that drilling a well is feasible.

 2. Choosing a new home builder without knowing his professional background:

A very basic but the most common mistake most new home buyers make is in choosing a new home builder. It is crucial that you verify the company, the owner and employees. Check with the local business bureau, follow up on referrals and licensing bodies and affiliations. Particularly listen to previous and existing clients.

3. Acting as your own general contractor:

Unless you have a remarkable understanding of what is involved in building a new home, you should hire a builder who is a general contractor. The enticement to save money by acting as your own general contractor will soon disappear When you will realize that it requires more involvement than you thought. and you have neither the skills, the knowledge required, or the time to do the job properly.  A professional building contractor with experience building new homes will know exactly what to do and with no guessing!

4. Not following your builders lead:

Once in place you should trust your builder to build your new home. Remember, you did all the research, communicated with different new home builders and spoke with their respective customers for feedback before picking your contractor. You have every reason to trust them and not second guess them by questioning their work.

5. Making changes after building plans are finalized:

Making late changes to the design once the building plans are finalized is not a good idea. Make sure any alterations you wish to make are made early in the design process. Things like changing the layout, repositioning the walls that are already construced, etc. will involve rework and thus, it adds to the time required to complete the task. Plus the cost involved in re-doing the plans and possibly subsequent further approval.

6. Working with the wrong building contractor:

When choosing the building contractor to work with, make sure that they have the necessary experience in new home builds and that their quote is accurate. Be wary of low bids – there might be hidden costs.

7. Sacrificing quality to save money:

When deciding on a new home builder, price can’t be the only factor to consider.  Your finished home should be of good quality, not only the standard of product used but the standard of workmanship as well. Sacrificing quality to save money may cost you more in the long run with repairs and replacements for poor quality products and shoddy workmanship.

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