Installing A Septic System

Proper site preparation is vital before you start septic tank construction. There are necessary steps to take prior to the final septic system installation. Septic system installation on your property is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of sewage treatment. So, before you start any major construction and installation, we recommend doing proper site preparation to ensure a problem-free septic system installation.

Below, we’ve listed 3 important steps for septic system site preparation.

1. Identify Possible Septic Tank Location
Site prep isn’t just about digging a hole. First, you should identify the proper location to install your septic tank. Second, you need to ensure that there’s enough space for a septic drain field to fit. Generally, septic system installers put tank locations lower than a building.

2. Select The Right Tank Size
Choosing the right tank size can play a major role in site prep. The size of the tank affects the digging process as well as the drain field that you’ll install. It also depends on your home needs – for example, if a growing family wants to install a septic system, it’s better to plan ahead and get a bigger tank.

3. Double-Check Permits
Major home improvements and excavation projects needs proper permits from your local and sometimes state government. You need to discuss all the documents in detail with zoning professionals before breaking ground. If you have the right paperwork for construction, you can avoid many unforeseen complications. Upon completing your permits and inspection, you’ll know exactly where you can dig on your property to avoid risks like power lines and pipes.

To avoid any damages, get your septic system site preparation done with the professionals. Contact J Mahota Construction – the best septic system installers in Worcester who believe in providing the highest quality of workmanship. J Mahota Construction is your one-stop solution for all kinds of construction work for any property.